26th February 2023 // 2023年2月26日


I started making Automaton in 2016, and at long last it’s time to start releasing it into the world.

Having worked on this album over the past 7 years, it’s become a long overdue baby. If it were an actual kid, it’d already be in school.

The first song I wrote from this album was ‘Isolation’, which you can find on YouTube if you search ‘Isolation Autocoders’. I am proud of it, and it was the first song I’d written for my own voice at the time. I have completed the first music video to go along with the first single. This is ‘Target Fixation’.

I hope someone enjoys it.

Here’s the upcoming tracklist from my first album, 


    1. Isolation
    2. Listen and Nod
    3. Target Fixation
    4. TIE
    5. Automaton
    6. Reluctant
    7. Could it be you?
    8. Sleep Tight
    9. Autocoders
  10. Riverbank

Further music and videos will be released shortly.